Quick FAQ's
Did you say "Locked in"?​​

Escape The cLock will leave the rooms unlocked for public safety.  

Is it Scary?
ETc tries to offer a variety of themes suitable for all age groups.  Some theme's may be a little scarier than others.  Room descriptions, available under the " Rooms " tab, should help aide your decision.  

Is there a minimum age?
No.  We have found that children younger than 7 probably won't have the same experience as older children. Children 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.  
Please see full FAQs

When do I need to book?
Booking immediately is best.  We prefer at least a 2 hour notice to ensure proper staffing.  

How long does this take?
Plan for an hour and a half.  Allow 15 minutes before and after for briefing and debriefing.  But remember!  The goal is to escape before your hour is up!   

Ticket Price?
$15 per Adult, $12 per Teen (13-17), $10 per Child (7-12), 6 and younger FREE

Discounts? Yes, during the first weekend of the month rates are only $10 per person!
We also offer discounts for Downtown Members with their Discount Card.  Military, First Responder discounts available year round.  (Must provide proof upon check in for 10% off single admission)

Group Size?
Each room will have it's own limit on Capacity.  We ask a group to have a 3 player minimum for a entertaining experience.  For those who are Escape Masters, you can likely get by with 2 players.  Please see "Featured Rooms " for capacity requirements. 

Where do I park?
There is a public parking lot on the North corner of Fulton and 7th Street.  The Traffic Light Enabled Crosswalk at the Fulton, Main Street Intersection is encouraged.  Safety First!  

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